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This program uses face traits to identify the psychological characteristics
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The goal of physiognomy is to allow its practitioners to accurately assess other people’s character and personality based on their facial features. Digital Physiognomy is designed to help those uninitiated in physiognomy correctly evaluate themselves and the people around them.
The tool provides you with a large gallery of celebrity faces, which the application gives as examples. A thing that I liked is that the application embeds a sketcher, which lets you customize the pre-existing images or create new faces from scratch.

Another plus of this application is that it displays its results in brief - in a graphical format, as well as in details - in a text mode. Furthermore, Digital Physiognomy can display the exact facial features that are analyzed, so that you can understand how the program made its conclusion.

The only downside of using Digital Physiognomy is that there is no actual scientific evidence to base the entire theory on. I cannot completely disregard the statements that the software provides, but how much of them you choose to believe is entirely up to you.

In my opinion, Digital Physiognomy is an application that is worth trying. Even if you do it out of simple curiosity, this program does its job well and it has no obvious bugs or glitches, so there is a good chance that you might actually like it.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Provides a large gallery of celebrities' faces
  • Allows you to save the reports as web pages
  • Helps you learn how to "read" other people's faces


  • There is no guarantee that the results displayed in the application are actually accurate
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